The HBCU Kid  Student Conduct Agreement

The HBCU Kid Student Conduct Agreement

Student Conduct Agreement

The rules and expectations are not unlike your school or school system’s Code of Conduct that students are expected to abide by on a daily basis. Maintaining student safety and providing a valuable experience are of utmost importance to us.


  • Students must remain with an adult chaperone at all times.
  • Students must follow The HBCU Kid or tour guide’s directions at all times. No wandering off alone or without the permission of an adult chaperone.
  • Never remove anything from any of the hotels, venues, or campuses. We are visitors and guests at each location and we are obligated to behavior accordingly.
  • Carry yourself with respect. Do not use profanity, or other types of inappropriate language. Avoid excessive/loud talking, horse playing, and the like during our venuetours.
  • Throw your own trash away in a trash receptacle. If your trip includes hotel stay, keep your area in the hotel room neat and clean. Do not leave food sitting out overnight. Place your dirty clothing in a plastic bag and place inside your luggage.
  • No roaming around the hotel. Stay in your assigned room!
  • Practice good personal hygiene by bathing/showering daily, brushing teeth, combing/brush hair, and taking pride in your personal appearance.
  • Put forth your best effort to listen, learn, and enjoy this experience
  • No ordering Uber eats, Grubhub, etc.
  • If any damages occur in your room or on the bus, your parents/guardians will be invoiced and responsible for the cost


If any of these rules are violated, the following chain of consequences will be followed:
  1. Verbal correction
  2. Phone Call home (warning)
  3. Phone Call home to request parent to retrieve student from the tour. Parents will be financially responsible for the travel expenses.
  4. The HBCU Kid reserves the right to skip earlier steps if negative behaviors either persist, are dangerous, or of a sexual, drug, or weapons-related nature.

Medical Release

In the event that a student becomes ill or is injured during the course of the above mentioned event, The HBCU Kid™ assumes the guardianship of a student in the absence of the parent. Parental/guardian permission and authorization is requested to seek emergency medical attention by medical professionals, i.e. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT/911) or an accredited hospital if such attention is deemed necessary. The HBCU Kid will also have a register nurse and/or nurse practitioner on the tour.
Parent/Guardian #1: Printed Name
Parent/Guardian #2: Printed Name
Student: Printed Name

Permission to use Image of Child

During the course of the event, photographs and video footage of participants may be collected. The HBCU Kid™ requests unrestricted permission to use the image of students and chaperones, as captured by video or photography in conjunction with attendance at this event. The term “use” includes, but may not be limited to, promotional pieces for print, digital, website and marketing/advertising materials. Compensation will not be provided now or in the future for any such video or digital images captured. Students’ full names will not be used in conjunction with any video or digital images

Items needed for Tour


Dress Code for Participants

The HBCU Kid™ employs a dress code for participants. The purpose of the dress code is to minimize distractions and maximize the learning experience of all. Participants are expected to wear appropriate attire during all educational tours. Students are expected to cooperatively comply with the dress code.

Please follow these general guidelines when planning your daily attire:
  1. You are required to wear The HBCU Kid shirt each day we tour.
  2. Clothing must fit properly.
  3. Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
  4. Oversized or “sagging” pants, oversized shirts, mini-skirts, cut-off tops, revealing tops, high heels, and flip-flops are prohibited.
  5. Clothing shall not be revealing, excessively tight, ripped, or contain inappropriate language or images.
  6. Students who are inappropriately dressed will be asked to change clothes.

We have covered the basic thoroughly here in this form. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Joy Matthews, CEO of The HBCU Kid at or 501-891-2226. Thank you for choosing The HBCU Kid™!! We look forward to seeing you soon.